Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Conneaut to LA 2017


A slogan you may see on a small white Mitsubishi Mirage sporting Ohio plates.
It's one man's effort to compete in a world of sound bites and big publishing houses.

The author / illustrator and driver of this book mobile is Leonard Krashoc aka KRASH, a semi-retired artist and Jack of All Trades.

“People like me never really retire,” he laughs. “There's always something to build or fix.”

KRASH is crossing the U.S. on his way to LA to present Kaley Cuoco with a copy of Penny, his latest children's book, inspired by her character on The Big Bang Theory.

“When I first decided to send Kaley a copy of Penny, friends said 'Impossible! With all the fan mail stars get, she'll never even see it.' That's when I decided it was time for a road trip,” he laughs.

Stopping where ever possible to sell and sign books to help cover the cost of the trip, you might spot him in your local diner, sketch book and supplies spread on on a table as he works on his next book.
Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska will be his next stop, Aug 21, to hang out and watch the total solar eclipse.

He may even put your name on a grain of rice, something he did years ago at state fairs.

With 14 children's books in print already, he jokes that he's got dozens more stories waiting for illustrations.
“Stories pop into my head nearly every day,” he chuckles, “but drawing the pictures... now that's real work.”

You can follow KRASH's adventures on Facebook and www.krashsplace.com.
Or buy his books at:


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